15 Days of Buffet @ Essence Kitchen

With a continuous flow of good food and drinks, nothing symbolises "abundance"better than buffets. For 15 days, Holiday Inn Melaka will be spreading blessings starting with the Chinese New Year Reunion Dinner Buffet on the Eve. Celebrate big with fresh seafood, roasted meat and so much more guaranteed to delight the young and old.

Our Hi Tea Buffet is available on the first and second day of Chinese New Year, while the Lunch Buffet will be hosted from the third to the fifteenth day. Enjoy traditionally festive items such as Pipa Duck and Lotus Rice along with modern favourites like a selection of Pizza and Chocolate Fondue.

Reunion Dinner Buffet:

Adult : RM 118.00nett per person

Child & Senior Citizen : RM 58.00nett per person

Hi Tea Buffet :

Adult : RM 88.00nett per person

Child & Senior Citizen : RM 48.00nett per person

Lunch Buffet :

Adult : RM 68.00nett per person

Child & Senior Citizen : RM 38.00nett per person

Dining Packages